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About VisionScope Coaching

VisionScope Coaching is a life coaching company that specialises in helping individuals, teams and groups reach their full potential. We help people move from their heads to their hearts to achieve balance, perspective and beautiful, substantial results.

When working with individuals we specialise in partnering up with those who are:

  • At risk of burnout or who are already there

  • Have High Functioning Anxiety (when you worry all the time but outwardly look confident)

  • Looking to impact the world by harnessing their inbuilt gifts

  • Open minded about using a mix of traditional and spiritually grounded techniques

  • A 'yin-yang' - a contradiction of masculine and feminine skills and interests, eg. a lawyer who is also keen to become a yoga teacher

When working with teams and businesses, we specialise in partnering with those who:

  • Truly care about their people

  • Are open minded about using an 'anything that'll work' approach

  • Believe that their product or service is making the world a better place

  • Are ready to answer tricky questions and be okay with changing things up


Read more about our Founder and Head Life Coach Tammi Kirkness here

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Get in touch with us here

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