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Expression of Interest: Team, Group or Corporate Events

As Head Life Coach Tammi Kirkness is currently on maternity leave, there are no booking until mid 2021. To leave an expression of interest for team, group or corporate events for mid 2021 onwards, click here.

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The Healing Circle: Deep Energy Clearing and Meditation

VisionScope Offices, Surry Hills

Heal, cleanse and uplift your energetic body from the inside out. Working on a soul based spiritual level, this deep meditation will help you shift old stale energy and create space for a lighter, brighter version of you. Set in an intimate group (it’s capped at 9 people), join this safe space in the heart of the city and step away from your day to find a layer of love filled healing.

Facilitated in a non-daggy way, this healing circle will tap into the gifts your soul has on offer while moving towards the best version of you.

Each healing circle will involve chakra cleansing, deep meditation, space to interact with others (while sipping herbal tea!) and time to debrief.

Put on hold due to self distancing recommendations, will recommence shortly.

The Treasure Love Trust Series
Run by request for groups of 10 or more 


After years coaching women, Sydney life coach Tammi Kirkness noticed three main themes recurring when working with her female clients. These clever, bright, switched-on women were making huge gains when they focused their energy and attention on treasuring, loving and trusting themselves. Tammi was able to help them find solutions and mindsets that reinforced and amplified this shift in focus, guiding them along a path to better health and the lives they wanted.

Once these women worked on these three pillars, their lives transformed. The Treasure Love Trust Series was born.

During this workshop, your life will change. You will be exposed to radical techniques to help you love yourself. You will meditate in a room full of likeminded women and you will start to make peace with the quirks that make you unique. You will learn to treasure, love and trust yourself more than you ever thought possible.

Designed exclusively for women, this nurturing series covers three topics condensed into one day. The workshop deals with real things that make a real impact to women. They are interactive and practical, so attendees come away with new techniques to become their best self.

The Treasure Love Trust Series  Program Overview

Part One|   TREASURE YOURSELF: A Journey into Self Kindness​

Part Two|   LOVE YOURSELF: The Gift of Self-Acceptance

Part Three  | TRUST YOURSELF: Engaging Your Inner Knowledge

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