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Tammi Kirkness - Founder & Director / Coach

Coaching & Workshop Testimonials

On Group Workshops

“In one hour, Tammi Kirkness changed my life”

                      – Peter Merrett, Director, Jones Lang Lasalle


“There wasn't a person in the room that didn't leave inspired and having learnt something new.”

                      – Sean Withford, LinkedIn Australia

“Good pace and lots of very practical techniques”

                 – Belinda Dawes, Sales Manager, Southern Cross Austereo

"I have worked corporate in the Direct Selling industry for 14 years now and throughout all that time, of the speakers I have seen, heard and collaborated with, Tammi was one the most personable and other-people-focussed I have witnessed.
During Tammi's delivery and presentation the consultants were so engaged and the energy in the room was alive and dynamic. Tammi's style was professional and fun but one of which she made each consultant feel like she engaged individually with them and that her key messages were meant for them alone. 
Tammi's presentation brought instant epiphany's to many in the room and then more after when the consultants went back home working in their business. The consultants feedback afterwards were when can we next have Tammi. The consultants feedback were that they loved the exciting fun interaction with the various Mindfulness and hands on Vision Board activities and that they could take this home with them and review their vision every day and practice Mindfulness to empower them in business. 
I would highly recommend Tammi for future workshops within any industry.   Tammi can customise her coaching  just for you to make a difference in your life and within your business - Don't hesitate Book her today."
                - Deanne Friedl, Envy Jewellery


“ Your workshop was exactly what I needed. My goals were around health & fitness, and I'm thrilled that I have lost 10kg since July and am now exercising 4-5 times a week! I feel so much better, no longer tired all the time, more energy to chase the kiddies around. I'm currently looking at the next 12 months and thinking of adding the Oxfam Trail Walk in as a goal for 2016. So thank you thank you thank you!”

                     – Mary-Anne, Mum of Two

"I met Tammi at a Kikki K workshop and she was a breath of fresh air - she helped me put a positive light on my career, my health and wellness and how to become my best self. I couldn't have met a better person, at the perfect time. Go see Tammi and become your best self - the best is yet to come!"

                  - Ruby, Marketing Professional 

On One on One Coaching

"Tammi Kirkness is amazing. After having a 'big name' life coach for years without much improvement, I found Tammi's coaching style refreshing and extremely effective. We have achieved momentous improvements in my career by leaving the corporate life and starting my own professional organising consultancy. The first couple of sessions, we dismantled ingrained mindsets and worked to rebuild better ones. 


I would highly recommend anybody who thinks they have got it all, but feel they can fine tune that last 5% for the extra edge. Be prepared to dive deep into yourself. You will be held accountable to be brutally honest with yourself, your goals and work your tail off to achieve them. She will be there each step of the way to cheer you on. If you're hesitating - don't. It will be one of the best investments you'll make."

                            - Janet, owner of Life Habits Consulting

“Since starting with Tammi, I was handpicked for a promotion, the relationship with my partner is dramatically better (we have fun together every day!) and I feel a sense of calm I’ve never known before. I can’t believe this was possible within a matter of months.”

                          - Anonymous, Mum of One & Sales Professional


 “She’s (Tammi) is my own personal cheerleader who’s always on my side”

                         - Aprill Kullberg, Mum of Two


“Since coaching, I’m more reflective about situations and no longer get emotionally caught up in them."

                         - Anonymous, Accounting Professional


 “I’ve loved having an independent partner to bounce ideas off, have them provide me with constructive feedback and action plans. Having someone who helps me feel accountable yet is extremely supportive has been the best part.”

                         - Anonymous, Finance Executive


“She’s helped me overcome taking everything personally.”

                         - Anonymous, Banking Executive

“I cannot thank you enough for the support, guidance, laughs and even the few tears over the last few months.  You have definitely helped restore my strength and I feel as though I am on the path that I knew I needed to be on but lacked the confidence to do on my own.

Thank you again Tammi, you have been the breath of fresh air that I needed.”

                          - Cath Tait, Content Marketer

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