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Tammi is an energetic and passionate speaker, trainer and coach. Her mission is to help individuals, teams and businesses find their true purpose and to achieve it.


Tammi's history in people management, education and Human Resources has helped her grow an intuitive and incisive understanding of how perception, power and personality can combine to impact the world. She excels at working with people and teams who share her curiosity about reaching their full potential.

With tertiary studies in psychology, business and training, Tammi continues to help others explore their capability and realise the ambitions, aspirations and achievements that can bring them high performance. She is also an energetic healer, qualified yoga teacher, meditation instructor and a Clinical EFT Practitioner working 1:1 with clients daily in her Surry Hills practice.


Practical, candid, positive and growth-oriented, Tammi thrives on assisting and challenging people to embrace their lives and take ownership of their abilities.


From her personal experience studying under monks in India, career coaching in South East Asia, yoga teaching and extensive travel, she brings her eclectic knowledge of self-development to her audiences and clients. From these experiences, she has both well-known and quirky tricks up her sleeve and calls on them to bring together helpful, hopeful advice. Grounded and goal-oriented, she pushes her clients outside of their comfort zone while making sure they feel supported on the journey.

Tammi Kirkness

Founder, Head Life Coach & Corporate Wellness Consultant

VisionScope Coaching also works with a trusted network of health and wellbeing professionals including:
  • Naturopaths
  • Personal Trainers
  • Nutritionists
  • Yoga Teachers
  • Energetic Healers
  • Business & Executive Coaches
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