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Five Quick Tips to Enjoy (and Survive) Christmas

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

It’s nearly Christmas and it feels like it’s completely crept up this year! In reading the energy of everyone I’ve been seeing in and out of the office, there seems to be a lot of unsettledness in the air. While December often has a winding-down type vibe to it, this year there seems to be an extra layer of effort being required. To help, here’s five quick tips to enjoy (and survive) Christmas:

1. Maintain Boundaries Most likely you’ll be around a bunch of family or friends during the next couple of weeks and spending more time with them than you do for the rest of the year. To ensure you feel great at the end of the holiday period, before you catch up with others, bring to mind what will and won’t make you feel great. For example, if you don’t want to talk about your dating life or relationship, make a mental note of a how you can divert the conversation if need be.

2. Drink lots of water If you’re in Australia like I am, it’s a flipping hot time of year! Staying hydrated is key to not losing your mind and it also helps strong emotions to flush out of your system.

3. Plan for 2019 The end of the year prompts self-reflection and to make sure it has a hopeful upswing for the year ahead, planning and setting goals can help. If you’re in Sydney and keen to set yourself up for next year, come along to my one-day workshop on Holistic Planning & Goal Setting, tickets here.

4. Practice Gratitude Sometimes Christmas can bring up some comparison-itis, so remember to consciously be thankful for everything you’ve already got.

5. Reflect on What You’re Proud Of For the past few years I’ve sat down in the time between Christmas and New Years and written a list of all the things I’ve done or experienced in the year that I’m proud of. It helps to remind me of the highlights and all the achievements from the year that was. Try to aim for a list of 50 including all the tiny achievements, small private moments and big-deal-stuff.


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