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That feeling of anticipation + One more sleep!

With just one more sleep until The Panic Button Book is available (hello anticipation!), I’ve listed below some of the virtual events coming up and happily they’re all free!

With so many of us sitting in a waiting space right now, there’s loads of anticipation in the air. That feeling of guessing how something will work out. How we’ll react when something restarts, launches, occurs, begins or happens. This feeling can sometimes drive us a bit bonkers (think of what it felt like as a kid waiting for Christmas) or fill us with hope. During these wild times of uncertainty, extended lockdown (sending love to Melbourne), and insecurity, the more we can harness positive anticipation the better. How to Utilise Positive Anticipation

  1. Bring to mind the thing you believe might occur eg. a date being scheduled, a job loss

  2. List down all the good things that might occur as a result of it

  3. Visualise your list of good things unfolding

  4. Breathe in, breathe out

  5. Say out loud “I now consciously release all attachment to this event happening in a certain way and know that things will unfold for my best and highest good”

  6. Breathe in, breathe out

Book Events:

Pressing The Panic Button: Managing Anxiety During COVID and Beyond Facebook Live Event Hosted by Tapping Into Health Monday 7th Sept, 6pm AEST Book Launch Interview with Alexx Stuart, Hosted by Avid Reader Tuesday 8th Sept, 6.30pm AEST Register Here - Author talk with Tammi Kirkness, Hosted by Yarra Libraries Tuesday 15th Sept, 6.30pm AEST Register Here - Sydneysiders, get your signed copy of The Panic Button Book! Available from Kinokuniya book store from 12th September onwards


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